MAC 2024

For the 17th annual Mayo Arthroplasty Conference, the focus will again return to primary knee arthroplasty. Over the course of a single weekend the objective is to provide all the knowledge base and up-to-date information a practising orthopaedic surgeon requires in 2024. To this end, a faculty of world-class orthopaedic surgeons with enormous cumulative experience has been assembled.

In accordance with participant feedback from previous conferences, the concise 6 minute presentation format has been retained for most of the didactic lectures. There will be time for questions and answers after each presentation. Again, controversies will be treated to a debate style interactive discussions with pro and con presentations. An electronic audience response system will again be in use for immediate feedback.

Again, there will be a competition for trainees which will follow the usual format. A multiple-choice examination will permit the selection of the 6 top performing candidates to form 3 teams of 2 registrars each who will present solutions to complex cases. Lively audience interaction in this session is assured.

Mayo Arthroplasty Conference