Mayo Arthroplasty Conference 2023

Knockranny House Hotel, Westport

February 24 and 25th 2023

Friday 24th of February

6 PM                           Welcome Reception
7 PM                           Technology Showcase                                    D Bennett
8:30 PM                      Audience with a Legend                                 D Bennett


Saturday 25th of February

8:30 AM                     The Apprentice, Round One: Multiple Choice Questions                    P Nolan
9 AM                           Session 1: Overture

  1. The 10 Commandments of Total Hip Replacement S Waters
  2. The 7 Cardinal Sins of Total Hip Replacement T West
  3. The Young Adult Hip J Bunn
  4. Discussion

9:40 AM                     Session 2: Melody

  1. Preoperative Templating: Onanism or Asceticism? C Murphy
  2. Hip Offset A Glynn
  3. Femoral Head Size: Considerations and Rationale P McKenna
  4. Lipped polyethylene liners D Acton
  5. Why are we still cementing? A Ruiz
  6. Direct Anterior Approach D Cogley
  7. Discussion
  8. The Apprentice- Round 2: Cases P Nolan

11 AM Coffee Break

11:30 AM                   Session 3: Harmony

  1. Operation Walk D Mulcahy
  2. Anatomical Index of the Vietnamese Hip D Cogley
  3. Vastus Lateralis Flap in Persistent Hip Infection D Bennett
  4. Discussion

12:10 PM                    Session 4: Symphony

  1. Obesity S West
  2. Osteonecrosis A Cassar-Gheiti
  3. Hip Dysplasia J Kelly
  4. Complex femoral Deformity J Harty
  5. Discussion

1 PM                           Lunch

1:50 PM The Apprentice Round 2: Case Presentations and discussion
2:30 PM The Apprentice Round 3: Cases                                          P Nolan

2:40 PM          Session 5: Aria

  1. History and Evolution of Bearings G McCoy
  2. Is There a Role for Resurfacing? E Smith
  3. The future for resurfacing D McDwyer
  4. Discussion

3:20 PM                      Coffee Break

4 PM               Session 6: Rhapsody

  1. Total Hip Replacement Needs to Be Better, Faster and Cheaper D Beverland
  2. Registry Data: How Will It Change THR? P Kenny
  3. Prosthetic Joint Infection: Nudging Towards a Diagnosis P Keogh
  4. What will we discuss at MAC in 2043? A Cassar-Gheiti
  5. Discussion

4:50 PM The Apprentice Round 3: The Final
5:30 PM Close of Meeting                                                                 D Bennett
7 PM Guest Lecture:  Tackling a Pandemic at the Root                    R Cabot

8PM                Conference Dinner